Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Starting a Webcomic!

It's funny. I came to art school so that I could become better at making comics, and while that may have happened, the general attitude toward comics and most other forms of representative or symbolic art at the particular institution I'm convocating from are derisively called "illustration" with the connotation that illustration and art are two strictly separate and mutually exclusive domains, with illustration always being treated as far, far below art in terms of significance, value, relevence and worth. As a result, few classes really helped me directly get better at the actual 'construction' and codified visual vocabulary of comics, which is actually something I was hoping to chiefly work on, and in all but a couple of classes, comics were discouraged or scoffed at enough that I eventually continued to work on comics alongside school-related works, turning out a lot of longer stories and to-be-continueds, but I had lost touch with the simple raw zen-like completeness of the one-page comic strip. And so, this week I have been spurred to action and have been drawing a lot more comic strips than ever before. They kick ass, so I decided to start a webcomic.
Presenting: NUTRIENTS
I'm going with tumblr for ease of sharing the comics, and this blog will still be updated with comix, drawings, and all the other vitriol and inanity you've learned to accept from this website.


  1. comics are art, anyone that suggests otherwise is lame!
    your new webcomic is awesome!