Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Update + Kartoon [for Niki] -- BUSINESS LUNCH

Hey skallywagz.
Yeah, I been silent for a while for a few reasons. Been completely busy the past couple months what with getting evicted, having to live in a friend's basement with seven cats shitting EVERYWHERE including on/in a nearly completed sketchbook, big changes in the family, and school kicking in and kicking my ass. Plus there's Halloween in a week and I'm STILL not too sure as to what I'll be... Thinkin', a DINOSAUR!!!!
Anyway, so as not to starve all you hungry youngsters, here's something I done finished this mornin' for my experimental animation class!


Hoo boy, what a kicker.
Aaaanyway, I do a fair bit of this crap and I'm trying to get everything up and snazzy on my youtube account, so go there! link>

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